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Farm Bins

Sioux Steel Farm Bins are the only bins in the industry designed for grains weighing up to 64 lb/bushel! The industry standard is just 60 lb/bushel.

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Farm Bin Features

  • Store grains up to 64 lb/bushel. Industry standard is just 60.
  • Roof peak load ratings up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Designed for free flowing grains up to 51 lbs/ft3 (55 lbs/ft3 including compaction).
  • Largest manway in the industry.
  • 10 year warranties.

64 lb/bushel Bins

Capacities are calculated at 28 degree angle of fill, based on ASAE Standard: S413.1 and include 6% compaction & 769kg/m3 bulk density. All bins are designed for storage of grain and/or free flowing materials not exceeding 51 lb/ft3 (55 lb/ft3 including compaction).

Other sizes and models available. FARM/COMM BIN SIZES.
Total height based upon standard 30" fill cap.
We reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

10 Year Warranty

Based in Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux Steel knows how drastically weather can alter any structure. Sioux Steel offers the longest warranty in the industry on farm bins. Our 10 year warranty comes standard on every Sioux Steel farm bin. Plus, there is no additional cost for this feature. You get a great quality bin with a warranty that is the longest in the industry, giving you peace of mind. Sioux Steel stands behind its products and wants you to have the best possible experience.


Farm Grain Bins - (15 - 48′ diameter bins)

  • Designed for free flowing grains up to 64 lb/bushel or 51 lbs/ft3.
  • 4" corrugated galvanized steel.
  • 70,000 psi tensile strength steel (55,000 psi yield strength).
  • Roof peak load ratings up to 10,000 lbs.

Sidewall Strength

64 lb/bushel Grain Weights
Sioux Steel farm bins are designed for grains weighing up to 64 lb/bushel. The industry standard is just 60 lb/bushel. Sioux Steel farm bins are designed for grain weights of the future.

51 lbs/ft3 Free Flowing Grains
Each bin is designed for free flowing grain densities up to 51 lbs/ft3 or 55 lbs/ft3 including compaction. Sioux farms bins easily handle typical corn densities of approximately 45 lbs/ft3.

4" Corrugation
4" corrugation on sheets reduce friction load on the sidewalls and allows grain to flow easily down bin wall with less resistance. Fewer sheets cover a wider area, lowering construction costs.

Galvanized Steel
Standard on all Sioux Steel grain systems, this coating on each 44" tall bin sheet and roof panels provide years of protection from harsh weather conditions and rust.

Bin Roofs

The strongest farm bin roof in the industry! Sioux Steel′s farm bin roofs feature peak load ratings up to 10,000 lbs. Manufactured in the upper Midwest, Sioux Steel farm storage grain systems protect grain from all weather conditions. These strong roofs stand up to northern snow loads and high winds, keeping grain fresh and in condition for years. Learn more about our roof features.

Access Points

You won′t have to wonder if you can make it through the man-way when you′re out in the elements with lots of layers of clothing on. Learn more about the most user-friendly man-way!

Solid, Tieless Walk-In Doors
Truly a walk-in door with no cross ties. Clear span opening allows anyone to walk in & out without having to crawl or unbolt any parts.

Bin Floors

Floor and Floor Supports
Designed to develop equal air pressure under the entire floor surface. Floor supports are available in 20 or 17 gauge. Made from galvanized steel formed with ten vertical ribs to support grain depths up to 37 feet at the eave. Floor planks are available in 20, 18 & 16 gauge.