Southern Bin Company - Grain system solutions that maximize productivity.

A High Quality, Economical Bin

  • Designed for free flowing grains with a maximum un-compacted bulk density of 45# per cubic foot.
  • Available in 36', 42' and 48' diameters in 5-10 rings tall.
  • Roofs are 30 degree with 4" tall roof ribs.
  • Roofs are designed to 2012 IBC and rated for 6000# peak loading, 30 psf ground snow loading and 105 mph wind. Optional higher load ratings are available.

Today's production requirements demand systems that excel in performance and are reliable year after year. In addition, easy installation, simple operation, durability, flexibility, and operation efficiency are all carefully considered in the design and construction of every product Southern Bin Company sells.

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Available Sizes

Farm Grain Systems

  • 4" corrugation on sheets reduce friction load on the sidewalls and allows grain to flow easily down bin wall with less resistance. Fewer sheets cover a wider area, lowering construction costs.

  • Sioux Steel farm bins are engineered using the latest technology for all your grain storage needs now and into the future. Roofs feature peak load ratings up to 10,000 lbs.

  • Galvanized steel is standard on all Sioux Steel grain systems. This coating on each 44" tall bin sheet and roof panel provides years of protection from harsh weather conditions and rust.

  • Sioux Steel farm bins are designed for grains weighing up to 64 lb/bushel! The industry standard is just 60 lb/ bushel. Our farm bins are designed for grain weights of the future.

  • Manufactured with 70,000 psi tensile strength steel (55,000 psi yield strength) and utilizing 4" corrugation, Sioux Steel farm bins offer the ultimate in sidewall vertical strength.

  • Each bin is designed for free flowing grain densities up to 51 lbs/ ft3 or 55 lbs/ft3 including compaction. Sioux farms bins easily handle typical corn densities of approximately 45 lbs/ft3.

Bin Capacities

Bin volume calculations based upon ASAE S413.1; 28 degree angle of fill, 6% compaction & 769kg/m3 bulk density.
Total height based upon standard 30" peak cap.


30-Degree Roof Slopes
Sheds moisture fast off of roof panels.

Roof Edges
Are rolled 340 degrees to stiffen panel edges and reduce vibration.

Bridging Rings
33' - 48' diameter bin roofs have standard bridging rings with locking collars that crown the roof for added strength. Optional bridging rings available on 24' - 30' roofs.

Cap Options
Standard 30" fill cap openings are designed for one-handed control. Optional ground control fill caps available. 60" flat top caps are optional on 24' to 48' bins for permanent installation of cross augers or spouting.

Roof ladders are included in every bin package.

Roof Features

4" Roof Ribs
The tallest in the industry! 4" ribs come standard on all Sioux Steel bins. This makes the bin roof more resistant to high winds and larger snow loads.

42' & 48' bins feature tension straps that are assembled at the bottom of each roof panel for additional strength.
Hooded Roof Vents
Steel roof vents have wide 18" x 18" inlet areas for free air movement. Our pre-punched roof panels offer lap over design on the steel roof vent to prevent leakage of moisture and condensation.

You won't have to wonder if you can make it through the man-way when you′re out in the elements with lots of layers of clothing on. The most user-friendly man-way!

Roof Accessories

Man-Way Guard Rails
Guard rails on 3 sides of manhole provide extra stability while accessing bin.

Roof Stairs/Handrails
Wide walkways with double hand and intermediate rails. Handrails are sizes to fit outside the top roof rungs.

Peak Walk-Arounds
Sizes to fit center fill holes of most bins. 7', 9', 10' and 13' 6" sizes available.