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Access Points

Having access to your grain bin is cucial when it's time for a clean-out or to inspect the inside. In today's world, grain bin access points need to be strong and easy to use. No more unbolting the door just to gain access to your grain bin. Our doors are water tight, use tieless inside panels and have secure latching.

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Man-Way Door

The unique ovate construction of the man-way is the largest and most "user friendly" in the industry. It is designed to allow access to a heavily clothed individual.

Access Door

Four doors designed specifically for strength and integrity dependent on the diameter and height of the structure. All feature tieless inside panels, secure latching and a large 36" x 27" opening.

Walk-In Doors

Large 1-tier & 1-1/2 tier door options are available. The industry's LARGEST 1-1/2 tier door. 27" x 58" tall openings.

Peak Walk-Arounds

Sizes to fit center fill holes of most bins. 7', 9', 10' and 13'6" sizes available.

Solid, Tieless Walk-In Doors

Truly a walk-in door with no cross ties. Clear span opening allows anyone to walk in & out without having to crawl or unbolt any parts.